Wild West Bound

Phew, it’s been a good if hectic start to the month! Here’s some catching up on the last few weeks:

more Sheza work after she flattened me


we got chickens! 10 lovely home hatched bantams. Thanks Ponyhill!


grand dame Georgia is hanging in there, her weenie pups love her


we’ve had some wild weather..rain and HEAT and rainbows


Rory is bigger than ever..


since this photo I separated the orange (Apache) and the banana (Spark)

to redistribute some weight…


 and Spark is looking good! A solid hot 10 miles last Friday



good boy! 


my matchy power is on the rise again..he’s got 4 red Renegades too!


That about brings us to up to date, now prepping to leave for Wild Wild West ride this Thursday a.m.  This will be my second year tucking into the cozy quarters of Wild West ride camp, and I am very much looking forward to it. It’s the maiden voyage for my new-to-me ’90s Morgan built 2 horse gooseneck and I’ve spent a little time this week, amongst trim and boot appointments, mom visiting, and my husband being abroad on a very exciting business trip–dialing the trailer in.

tack box for storage/step/seat in one!                                                                  stove & kitchen

                                                                                                                                                buckets/hoof boots  

    11426812_863900694196_629190887_n     11349915_863899491606_734979031_n

looking down from bed (before I added tote/chair)


cozy quarters!

Lots of battery operated fans on board for this weekend


The husband flies in tomorrow and I leave for the ride Thursday am! Happy travels and trails and stay hydrated everyone!

2 thoughts on “Wild West Bound

  1. Your horses are looking amazing! Spark looks good in red. Have a wonderful trip in your new cozy trailer, and two days of riding, awesome! See you there!

  2. I was starting to worry that I wasn’t seeing new posts! I was refreshing every morning multiple times thinking “I’ve already READ about Sheza flattening her! What am I missing?!!”

    So glad things have just been hectic!

    Uhm, also HI!! Over the past month I’ve read all the old posts and am now current. 🙂

    Good luck at your ride! Can’t wait to hear how things go!!

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