Working Critters

The temperatures are climbing higher every day but there’s still work to be done, critter or human. Be you curvy pony or enterprising dachshund, there’s a task for you.

First time being caught in a while, Apache had a serious life question to consider

To Be or Not to Be With Human

As the husband intoned from across the early a.m. pastures: “He Chose…Wisely.”


I discovered my round pen had regrown it’s star thistle army working on the line in the arena it was

Apache’s current task: breathing, giving at the poll, and all things associated with or helpful to that enterprise


Rushcreek Aurora’s full time job: Training Assistant/PITA Creeper

seconds before this photo she had 3 coils of lunge line crammed down her gullet..

can’t you almost hear the innocent casual whistling?


the bantams work at composting

at least 2 are now crowing, or some version of it


dachshund fish finders never run out of batteries  and rarely err


After the human did her job of clearing the round pen again..

Sheza’s job: eye candy, and storytelling







 Huhhh, human is still here, hello again11202116_865782083876_7389485397298842835_n

not ready, noNoBLARG!

11027976_865782113816_8798615915221992606_n  In search of brain, will travel11391365_865782148746_3790207610105077860_n

huh, it’s hot..and human doesn’t object to this speed,  maybe this is a better speed


oh yeah, slower is better, hmmphh, I’m fat, I’m sweaty, Humannnn I’m done

(human must not let herself be convinced by filly. Human is boss!ish..)


a nice, slow, low, working trot compromise, tongue out and all


A few more nice circuits at an ever slower and bendier walk, dragging the long line around in the rustling grass, and that was that for Sheza’s story this morning. Oh, and a cool bath, as a princess must have.

And the rest?

Spark is having a few days off after WW, with one ride to be done between now and Gold Country 50 in 2 weeks.

Blaze, Desire, and Napoleon can’t claim to be any more useful than endearing old friends, at the moment.

dear old Georgia crew chihuahua is hanging in there, for now. She loves the hot weather fortunately

Coming Soon

A fellow blogger mare will be moving in soon to mix things up!

Gold Country 50

Apache Trail Time

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