Bay Party

Quick update on things, and it turned out rather bay!

Blaze is looking & feeling good, ready to boss Apache through some ponying trail time


Speaking of! Heel first, tongue out, shiny brat 🙂 


unhaltered but didn’t think he was done. becoming my good buddy

solo shake out ride for Sparky on Sunday (alliteration for the win!)


 so maybe I was a little more excited than him..




Can be led to water and made to drink..gotta love geldings


A mash for Sparky and a Gold Country 50 miler entry for me!!


boarder mare Farley has settled in

she enjoys her oak tree and not being harassed by  Rory   11716127_868293211556_793186585_n

Hope to see some of you at Gold Country this weekend!

Coming up:

Apache Trail Time

Sheza’s First ride Camp

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