Tack and Equipment Drive For Valley Fire Victims

Hey all,

Since my last post, northern California has continued to be eaten up by wildfires. There is at this moment an 800+ acre fire about 5 miles as the crow flies from my house, but it’s weirdly become the norm this summer and my focus has turned to those directly in the path and already devastated by the Valley Fire in Lake County.

view from our driveway from just one of the multiple fires close by this year


the start of the latest fire, from my driveway


I have organized a tack and equipment drive to benefit these folks. We’re talking anything from hoof picks to saddles, these folks have lost it all. Yes, there are many many other things that many folks will need, but I cannot personally handle and organize all of it SO, this is a *horse tack and equipment* drive only.

CHICO AREA:  There is a donation box at Chico Power Equipment until Sunday, at which point it will be collected.

REDDING AREA: Lisa Smith of Dragonfly Miniatures will be at the Splash Dogs Event at Happy Tails Barkery in Redding this Saturday. She will be the donation point and will get the items on to me.

VIRGINIA CITY 100 (Nevada) attendees: There will be a box at Check in. Fellow great riders will be getting the items back over to me

CUNEO CREEK attendees: Cyd Ross will be collecting donations for us.

All the items (with the possible exception of the Cuneo batch that may be delivered by family), I will be personally responsible for delivering the donations to the folks in need. A fellow AERC member lost her barn and gear in the Valley fire and is our contact and help point for distribution.

Please spread the word as appropriate and thank you!

4 thoughts on “Tack and Equipment Drive For Valley Fire Victims

  1. I live in Central Oregon and can set up a collection site as well as being down what we can collect, if needed. Having once been in need, though, there comes a piont when enough is enough. Let me know if added tack is needed.

    • Thank you, that is a truly wonderful offer! I’m going to say hold off for now, just after today’s donations I’m thinking I’ll need to take my horse trailer to fit it all by next week and we aren’t the only group working at this by any means. Thank you for the thought! !

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