The Spaces in Between

It’s been a busy and hot last week or two and I’ve gotten next to nothing done with my herd beyond basic body and hoof care. Because that’s life. It’s not all exciting stories and leaps and bounds in progress, sometimes it’s just daily duties and how we fill the spaces in between.

I did manage a couple of +/- 20 minutes hands-on sessions with Apache during last week and managed to  get him back over to my buddy, W’s, last Friday, where he was introduced to another young horse guru whom he liked quite a lot. The wind was screaming that day and while Apache played uncertain with W, there was no firm frowny mouth or shuffle steps for S.  Happily, flanks/belly handling seemed barely an issue that day so seriously kind and loving *consistency* is the road for this fella still.

hey who’s this tall gal, I think I like her


yeah buddy, no big deal


Last week I finally got my lower leg tattoo worked on again, over a year later. Only a few hours left to finish up now!

11997401_883847101436_1237936952_n 11997952_883847445746_1925047288_n 12000087_883847365906_1539025766_n 12016543_883847121396_228711909_n

Other than that it’s been boot fittings, hoof trims, 100+ degree weather, endless wildfires, and admiration of growing creatures, pup and filly.

4 month old Jazzy watches as old Tady lab sleeps


4 yr old Sheza snarky princess dwarfs grey momma D in  the left corner..

..but not so much 2 yr old Rory the Impervious!


Oh–and a salmon! I’m on the board for the season11986535_881813157476_6605372405483983167_n

Holding on for cooler weather…

One thought on “The Spaces in Between

  1. Rory the impervious, classic! Love the spaces in between, that is the real life with horses. Stay cool, only a few more days of this relentless heat!

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