Proven High Drive Endurance Mare For Sale

**ELLIE IS AVAILABLE & WILL BE AT CACHE CREEK RIDGE RIDE, 5/6-8, entered in Saturday’s 50**

Noelle La Fey – 12yr old Arabian Mare, gray, 14.3h.h., registered out of Sanskrit (Belesemo Stallion) and Evening Princess, AERC#: H50550, 260 lifetime miles.


“Ellie” is a proven endurance competitor. Last ride was Whiskeytown Chaser 2016 on 4/9 where she won the 25 mile ride after a winter off with a 470 out of 500 vet score. Last year she won the Grand Canyon 50 on 9/5/15. She has completed two 55’s ending with lots of spare energy and has 100’s potential. This horse was bred for Endurance and loves the sport. She takes care of herself, eating and drinking well, is very sure footed over difficult terrain, and will pulse down right when you enter the vet check.

Not for beginners or children, Ellie is high energy, competitive, ambitious, and loves to work hard. She was trained in Dressage and did some jumping in previous years but is happier doing Endurance and likes to be in the front of the pack. She loves to lead down the trail, does not spook, and her happy pace is a 10-12 mph trot which she can maintain all day. She has a very fast walk and can trot while many horses canter.

Ellie prefers to be conditioning or competing and does not enjoy slow walking trail rides. She is currently shod and needs a good farrier to keep her hind feet correct as they grow lots of toe and little heel. She has endless energy and will occasionally prance. In energetic situations she sometimes has a hard time standing still but is respectful of your space. Never bucks, rears or bolts and is easy to control down the trail with other horses at any speed. Jumps in to any trailer and is a great camper. She gets nervous trailering alone and will come out sweaty. Owner did almost all of the last endurance ride alone and Ellie didn’t spook once or ever ask to slow down.

Owners are currently moving and would like to focus on training the babies they have raised. Ellie is looking for a fantastic forever home that believes in keeping horses when they are retired. This is a loved mare that will only sell to a home where she and the new owner will both be happy. Owner will require purchaser to keep her informed of any moves/potential sale as she would like to keep track of her through her life.

**Aurora here– First outing since Whiskeytown for Ellie (4/19). Easy to catch, loads great. She does not trailer well alone. I had a fabulous 10 mile ride climbing Oroville dam twice , she’s a very rateable and responsive ride and seriously covers ground. Bridges, road crossings,bikers, hikers, deer, nothing phased her and she is not spooky! She is very high energy and needs reminders but is very responsive. Galloped around the pasture after the ride, not phased a bit!


Contact Aurora Grohman via Facebook or to meet Ellie!

2 thoughts on “Proven High Drive Endurance Mare For Sale

  1. Fun new project! I like your description “high drive,” I laughed…and then saw that she is related through Sanskrit to Major (he has Sanskrit grandsire). Looks like a lovely mare, I’m sure her person is out there waiting to have fun!

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