Autumn Catch Up

Many doings in the time since I last posted, here’s a mostly photo catch up..

I adventured on a friend’s mare in beautiful country

We had a great pumpkin patch this year…the Littles approved

the weather started to get perfect for riding at Lake Oroville

..and sunset rides are even better

Apache healed well and was restarted again here by a friend–and then he dumped her, too. So he headed back to his successful summer home, for good.


Sheza had a month+ in pasture as we were both a bit fed up with each other after a dramatic summer. Here, she and her 20 year old dam, Desire, put on a show!


The best call I made in a while regarding Sheza was actually thanks to my husband. He suggested her Snarky Highness might find herself fitting back into her britches if her living situation were to change, namely: remove mommy Desire. I rotate pastures and groups fairly often, but Sheza, Desire, and the mini horse had been together for most of the year at that point, and sure enough moving the mini and Desire across the way next to Kenny prompted massive Sheza tantrums–and then a much, much humbler Sheza, who might actually like her humans after all.

Kenny and I went on a fun birthday group ride with many different breeds



I visited family on the coast over Halloween, went for a ride with my new SIL, who is an old friend, and thoroughly enjoyed myself



I crewed the Amazing Melinda through her first 100 mile RUN completion, which involved staying up for 30+ hours, and meeting a really cool and supportive community


Sheza re-entered the work force as the pon-eed to Kenny’s pon-ier. Kenny’s unflappable nature and complete lack of desire for or respect for personal space make him the perfect foil to Sheza’s snorty self; she literally bounces off of him without garnering an ear flick in response


Blaze and I went riding with Apache and his new mom this past week, things are going great!


I also got a nice email from Scrappy’s owner a week or two ago, who has had him for a year now and is greatly enjoying him.

Around here, hairy steeds and stellar weather with winter on it’s heels calls for warm baths, salty mashes, and pony appreciation between rides. Kenny got some extra love from a friend’s daughter, while Sheza basked gloriously.


There’s lots of adulty things to complain about, too, like seemingly insane election results, health and how age affects it, a seemingly endless list of household and outdoor items in need of repair, pointless drama in a number of areas–but there’s also clean washed cool-at-last beautiful nature, beloved animals who need me, and a select few humans I enjoy. Onward, with redheads!


Sheza and Kenny, November 2016


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