Goodbye, Hello

This holiday season, as most, I find myself reflective. This holiday season, more than usual, I find myself raising glasses, proverbial and literal, to many great spirits gone on ahead.  It is the nature of things, animal and human, light and dark, beauty and pain; they come and go, rise and fall, elate and depress us.  We clamber up and summit with dreams realized, then find ourselves cast back on the lowest shores, wondering Why, Where, and How. Coming to terms with this cycle, or not, defines us because it’s Life: rarely pretty, often beautiful, ever a roller coaster ride.

This holiday season I’ve said goodbye to family members, good friends, and my beloved horse Blaze. Life taught me early and thoroughly that Everything Dies; I consider myself fairly well versed in coping with it, thank goodness, as it is a blow to be dealt over and over as a human. But really, honestly, I’m often convinced that the first slight sign of malady in any beloved human or beast means something terrible, means Goodbye. Notice I didn’t say that I was good at coping with it, just practiced. Anyway, point is, I’m human, you’re human, we’re all human, except for those amazing and wonderful animals that grace our lives, and are generally better than humans. Animals are my saving grace here and now when other lights have gone out, and I am genuinely comforted by the thought of seeing my boy Blaze again on the other side later on.

All my love, safe journeys, and see you again Kay, Douglas, Dusty, and Blaze 


I did promise a Hello, so let’s step to the lighter side of the curtain and welcome a new friend to the RHE herd. I wasn’t ready, it wasn’t financially intelligent, and we all love her.


11 yr old, 14.3 hh mare

Section D Welsh x Arabian


~~Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and onward to the new year~~

Kenny and I are embarking on a big adventure next week, check back the first week of January…

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Hello

  1. Cycles….. thank goodness for the highs that provide the encouragement and hope to keep
    slogging thru when the inevitable lows hit.
    Zella looks like FUN!! Looking forward to seeing more of her in 2018.
    Have a great adventure with Kenny, and many more good times in the year to come.

  2. Oh, Blaze: ( I don’t know if you read my blog, but I’ve lit way too many candles this year.

    I’m excited for you about a Welsh Arabian – the horse I learned to ride on was one of those. Looking forward to hearing about her.

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