Joey, 2 1/2 Months later

DF Touch of Mojo, “Joey,” arrived here in early March. He hadn’t shedded out of his winter coat yet and needed some groceries:
Here he is now, in late May. 
Suddenly reaching the chubby point, I’m backing off on his beet pulp mashes and the horses are all currently enjoying some GREAT locally grown and freshly harvested grass hay I had delivered earlier in the week. Nothing like the feeling of a stack of good cheap(er) hay in the barn! It was hard enough paying $22/bale all winter, good grief.
Anyway, Joey is quite plump and healthy these days and we will be starting more ground work, moving toward saddle breaking this fall hopefully, under the tutelage of a trainer friend. Our first session is tomorrow afternoon and I’m looking forward to it! First things first, get him happy about getting his feet handled! It’s a whole different ball game with an adult horse who has clearly formed opinions of situations, I’m finding! And a surprisingly fit Arabian adult, at that. I’m really interested to soak up all the information my trainer friend can impart and looking forward to Joey realizing some of his potential!

2 thoughts on “Joey, 2 1/2 Months later

  1. Thanks! He definitely has a presence! And yes, the mane and forelock are amazing, though impossible to deal with. Even de-tanglerized and keeping him braided his mane escapes and turns into dreadlocks in no time! Consequences for that glorious hair, lol

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