Mother and Daughter

 I finally had a chance to take Desire out for a ride this morning, and we had a nice 7 mile jaunt up the ridge and back. It was about 50 degrees and I was cozy in my down vest for the first time this fall! Yes, I can say that, it IS fall now!

Desire still has a semi-perm from wearing braids all summer, I love the wave

 Fall Colors

 My muscley gal checking out the old bridge

  “There, I kinda flexed, can we turn and go home now?”

 We let our solo SuperTurkey, Lex, out to free range around the property during the day and he is having a great time following any and all humans around and alarming the horses with his popping and clucking and gobbling.

“what the sam hell is this thing doing out?”

 Sheza was shoving her nose in my arms at Desire’s halter after I put D away so I considered that volunteering for a pedicure. By the way, Desire’s halter did *almost* fit Sheza, the nose piece is too wide but otherwise fit better than her own once-again outgrown halter. Sheza seemed quite chuffed to be coming out of the pasture on her own, despite mini Napoleon and momma Desire yelling and causing a ruckus when I took her away. She is 18 months old, 14.2 hands, and will be wearing a 58-60″ blanket this winter.

 “This is my mommy’s girth, I smell her on it, I shall EAT IT!” 

 My hoof photos turned out terrible and mostly blurry as usual, so this is all I got. With my cheap dull knife and crappy rasp I worked on getting the dead sole out, drawing her heels back, cleaned up some heel tags, and gave her the best mustang rolls I could without a hoof stand. Her frogs shed off in one piece on both front feet. I worked on her bars as best I could with my mediocre tools as well. Not perfect, but it’s a start. She has lots of toe on the hinds and I need to take care of those asap. My kingdom for some nippers and a hoof jack.

Left front, work in progress

4 thoughts on “Mother and Daughter

  1. Trimming tool priorities:
    -Good rasp
    -Hoof stand
    -Knife sharpener (will work to touch up dull knife…not as spendy as good knife)
    -Mini-nippers — Mine are knob cutter for bonsai tree trimming. They work *great* for trimming bars and nipping off little bits of shedding frog, and easier to maneuver than full nippers.
    -Toss-up between good knife and nippers. I have nippers. I rarely use them since I suffer from a case of overenthusiastic hoof removal.

  2. Yep. I want a good rasp, nippers, and a hoof jack. I've been using my trimmer's good tools and I can do what I need with a good rasp and nippers. And my kingdom for a hoof jack, holding the hoof forward in one hand and mustang rolling with the other is hard! LOL

  3. Love the shadow pic. I tried one of those this weekend, didn't turn out as pretty! It sure seems like it went from summer directly to fall, cool mornings and fall colors. Is Sheeza going to be flaxen mane/tail? It is hard to tell in the photos, but she looks so pretty.

    Make a hoof stand! We have one at the ranch made out of plumbing/pipe parts, works fine for what I'm doing (admitably not as much as you are). I've also heard of using an umbrella base and putting a tennis ball on top, or an old jack stand. At least you'd have something for now, while you save up. I see a hoof jack under your Christmas tree this year, start hinting! 😎

  4. haven't come up with anything to make a hoof stand, and all suggestions I get involve welding which I don't have access to. However, a hoof jack and good tools are definitely in my very near future!

    Well, Sheza did go very blonde this summer and has white hairs in her mane as well..I'm hoping she goes super flaxen, I LOVE that look

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