Miscellaneous Gear Review

It’s been a while since I did a gear review, and I’ve accumulated a few Yays and Nays that I think are worth sharing.

Rider Apparel

UndeRider: I am one of those that sometimes wears 2 bras to ride. I recently purchased the Anita Extreme Control wireless sports bra after a fitting at the UndeRider booth at Wild Wild West ride. I’m a spasmodic shopper who has lost a significant amount of weight in the last few years and the size bra I had been buying wasn’t accurate, FYI, so a fitting can be worth doing. I liked the bra the few times I wore it working and then I really put it to the test on Gold Country 50 this past Saturday. Each time I put it on I briefly go “this is too tight around the ribs”–and then I completely forget about it and the girls til it’s time to change. Which for me is exactly what I want to happen with a bra! Winning. Already ordered another.

Kerrits Ice-Fil: I love the long sleeve tech shirts, literally wearing one right now. The Ice-Fil tights,linked in the brand name heading I have 2 pairs of because the pair I bought in what I thought were my size were way too large, sizing is a bit odd. The material feels as warm as if not warmer than my Irideon basic tights,and they’re quite stretchy to that point I question durability. Now that I’ve talked crap, I’ll add that I can’t stop wearing them and it’s purely because of the thigh pockets for my cell phone and goodies. In search of more favored thigh pocket britches..

Rackers Tights: I bought these because of the above mentioned search. They have a pocket, but it’s on the front of the leg which is awkward. I also found the fit awkward, and the material feels like a tarp. They are not in my britches rotation.


Tailing Rope: I bought one of these nifty doodads from the lovely ladies of American Trail Gear at AERC Convention this year. Spark recently enthusiastically broke the snap while tied to a hitching rail–so I threw on some other clip I had in my tack trunk and it’s still awesome. Apparently it’s so new it’s not on their website yet but here it is on saddle, coiled, it’s the thin blue rope and has a 2 ended beta keeper that snaps onto a D Ring on the saddle on one side and holds the coiled rope in a snap on the other:

11695006_867951466416_4710677968419846990_nn I just pop open the snap when I bail off and away we lead, without having to undo reins or martingale. Here it is deployed:


Rein Keeper: this is another easy to make yourself or Look Distance Depot has one! doodad that is so handy. Coupled with the ATG tailing rope above, I just snap the carabiner on the reins as I am bailing with said tailing rope (as seen in eating pic above, that’s why the red reins are staying up) and again no need to watch or undo reins.

Snazzy Fleece Coolers :  Hooves N Whiskers is a fun source of dog and horse goodies, from my favorite buckets, TubTrugs, to gorgeous handmade mohair girths and unique coolers. Spark borrowed Sheza’s at gold Country and this picture does it no justice, it’s got lovely black borders and everything..


That’s all for now!

9 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Gear Review

  1. After hunting high and low for decent riding shirts in a lighweight breathable material that don’t cost me alot I finally Ifound a couple of options on Amazon and (shhhh) walmart. The ones at Amazon were through a supplier called Joes USA. The shirts I chose are more like Golf shirts and I kinda needed the polo shirt look for the schooling shows and jumping but there were other options ( I like the look of a Polo when riding but then again, i am kinda old school!) The material is nice and lightweight. My only complaint is that they are a bit boxy. The walmart shirts were just Danskin workout v neck t shirts that have mesh along parts of the back. They breathe pretty nice and I use them for trail riding or schooling.
    As for breeches, I keep going back to the Kerrits Microcords. I like the support they provide. I prefer the bootcut for endurance, but for jumping I recently got a regular pair that fit in my tall boots. I have to admit, the pair I have from 7 years ago are still my favorite and they have since changed the material . It seems thinner now and not as nice in my opinion.

    • I’m obsessed with technical gear, love Sportsman’s Warehouse and Dick’s Sporting goods, just watch for sales.

      All my old Irideons are my favorite britches but no pocketssss. I’m newer to Kerrits and still not totally sold.

  2. Finally got feedly to cooperate with your new URL! Now I don’t have to worry about missing new posts on facebook.

    I hear you on the Kerrits Icefill. I think the material on my tropical riders is better, and I like the knee patches….but the POCKETS. Theare the perfect size and placement. I’m also finding the waist band on the kerrits super comfy right now, even though normally that isn’t a huge issue for me. I also find the kerrits hard to put on and take offf – something about the material doesn’t want to slide on and off my body (BWHAHAAHAHA we have you now! just try to escape). So I’m with you. Not totally sold, but keep wearing them. Makes me want to experiment with adding pockets to an old pair of tropical riders in the style of the kerrits and see if I can make it work…..

  3. A note about the rein keeper – I didn’t know something like that existed commercially, but I did a homemade version last year for ride and tie champtionships to make tied exchanges go more smoothly. I ziptied a caribeaner to the center of my rope reins very very tightly so it wouldn’t move from the center, and then added a grab strap to my english style endurance saddle. I clip the caribeaner to the grab strap. YOu could probably use any strap you wanted that was on the front of the saddle, even off to the side from one fo the D rings. Worked like a CHARM. Reins were perfect looseness for horse to bend and twist and stretch while tied, but she couldn’t get a foot through them if she put her head down (my nightmare). The length was long enough that I could actually RIDE with the reins attached too, which means they just stayed attached the entire time – no more fumbling with the reins during moutns and dismounts, if I needed to adjust something while riding I could drop the reins knowing they weren’t going any where. Seriously my best tack hack ever.

  4. I used one of those strap bucket holders for a substitute Rein Safe- it was adequate, but the extra
    loop irritated me. Got a Rein Safe & have been quite satisfied! *My* only issue has been my all-too-
    common unplanned dismounts wherein i do NOT let go of the reins…. i have less length to hang
    onto from the ground! Obviously, it is doing its job….
    Irideon Synergy- have one pair i found on sale. Like the combination of materials but find the sizing
    odd- small in the waist & shorter than normal length. So i would encourage trying on prior to purchase.
    I do like the pocket placement but don’t wear them as often due to the other factors.
    In lieu of pockets, recently found a Tune Belt- less cumbersome than a fanny pack, comfortable to
    wear without being too hot, packs my phone & ID….. on ME…. see aforementioned dismounts….

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